I’m going away for a few days…

22 Aug

Work has been a little crazy lately, right as soon as I walk through the door.  Lots of people, lots of phone calls and lots of running around.  I have a short work week because I will be flying out for a wedding in San Diego and with this in mind, I decided I’d unwind at home before I leave and… cook?  Yep, that’s right – I do find it relaxing and it gets my mind in a different mode.

Lately, when I’m trying to recreate a recipe I try to find something that I can have or combine with something else for the week.  It helps out a lot since lately I’ve been rushing out the door in the morning and I am not at all good at packing a lunch the night before.  I also like my husband being able to grab something quickly from the fridge for his lunch – it’s beneficial all around!  Sooo, it’s potato tacos for dinner!!  They’re pretty easy to make once you get the hang it and I’m sure they’ll be gone by the end of the week.  Caution: these tacos are fried which makes them so bad in a good way!  Enjoy.

For the tacos:

-4 potatoes (the ones I had were large so I was able to make 15 tacos)

-1 tbsp of dried oregano

-1 tsp garlic salt (or to taste)

-couple grinds of pepper (or to taste)

-sea salt

-corn tortillas

-canola oil

Boil potatoes until fully cooked, but not falling apart (a fork should be easily inserted all the way through).  Once potatoes are done, pour out hot water and fill pot with cold water.  Let the potatoes rest for a while until they’re warm.  When potatoes are rested, pour out the now warm water and mash the potatoes until they’re sorta flakey.  Once potatoes are mashed, add dried oregano, garlic salt and pepper, folding potatoes over with a spoon until dry ingredients are mixed in.  Set aside.

On medium heat, heat 1/2 cup of canola oil.  While the oil is heating up grab a few tortillas and heat in the microwave.  I always wrap the tortillas up in a dish towel that is slightly damp and I heat them up in the microwave in 30 second increments.  Once the tortillas are warm grab a spoonful of potato and place it in the middle of the tortilla and form it into a taco then place it into the hot oil with tongs.  When frying, I always try to stand them up in skillet for a few minutes and brown the bottom first.  Once the bottom of the taco is browned, you can lie them down and cook each side for a few minutes until they’re golden and medium-crunchy.   When the taco is browned on both sides, set inside a bowl lined with paper towels that way you get rid of that excess oil.   When I finish my batch of tacos, I usually like to sprinkle a little sea salt and a little more oregano on the tacos while they’re still warm.

I normally make a basic tomato salsa that is not spicy for these tacos, but if you do want a little spice to your salsa add a serrano or jalapeño chile along with the tomatoes and garlic or you can just use some Tapatio or both!  Tapatio is the jam at our house, so we always have the LARGE bottle handy.

For the salsa:

-5 tomatoes (I prefer roma)

-4 cloves of garlic

-1 1/2 tbsp of dried oregano

-salt to taste

*jalapeno/serrano (if you’d like a little spice)

Boil the tomatoes and garlic (if using a chile add this along with tomatoes and garlic) until the peel on the tomato is peeling/rolling off of the tomato.   When the tomato is tender and the peel is rolling off, place tomatoes in a blender along with garlic and blend until it has a smooth consistency.  Pour the salsa into a bowl, add oregano and stir with a spoon.  Done!  If the consistency of the salsa is too thick add a little bit of water and stir again.

I added a couple slivers of avocado and a dolop of plain greek yogurt in the tacos.  I didn’t have any cabbage or I would have added that as well.   I served the tacos with a mixed green salad because I have to balance out all those delicious carbs that I love.  I happened to have a Greek Meze mix of green and Kalamata olives, feta cheese and peppers in vegetable and olive oil in the fridge so I plopped a little bit of that on top of my salad and called it a night.

This recipe has been adapted from my mom.

( joanna )


One Response to “I’m going away for a few days…”

  1. Amanda August 22, 2012 at 7:27 pm #

    My mouth is watering just reading that!!

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