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Pasta with Turkey Meatballs and Fresh Mozzarella Pearls

26 Sep

We are a pasta eating family. If I ask Max what he would like for dinner, he more often than not will say pasta. And pasta is one of the few things I can get Jasper to eat. This pasta is not your average spaghetti and meatballs.


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Enchiladas con Salsa Verde de Pollo y Feta (Chicken and Feta Enchiladas with Green Salsa)

19 Sep

One of the things that I love when visiting my in-laws is the care package that we bring home after having lunch or dinner with them.  More often than not, one thing that we always come home with is a big block of Feta cheese.  I had never really had this cheese before I met my husband and I was immediately smitten.  I could compare it to a Mexican cheese, “queso fresco” in that it’s crumbly, but queso fresco is softer and milder in flavor.  Feta’s texture is crumbly with a sharp, salty and tangy taste to it.  In having so much Feta cheese in the house, I grew tired of adding it to omelettes and salads and wondered what else I could do with it other than serving it during dinner as an appetizer with bread.

I was sitting at home one day and it occurred to me that enchiladas verdes would be a nice accompaniment with the briny/salty flavor of Feta because tomatillos’ flavor in salsa verde is tangy and a bit sour.  When this revelation first occurred to me, I decided to buy a can of Las Palmas ‘Salsa Para Enchiladas Verdes’ and made enchiladas filling them with shredded chicken, Feta cheese and black olives.  They turned out really good!  The combo of the Feta and salsa verde was excellent (Las Palmas is pretty good when you’re in a pinch and you don’t feel like making salsa).

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Zucchini Cream Cheese Pound Cake

12 Sep

One of my favorite summertime vegetables has got to be the zucchini. Not only does it lend itself to numerous savory dishes (roasted in the oven, fritters, with pasta) but also the sweet variety. Zucchini Cream Cheese Pound Cake is just the latest one at my house. The zucchini I got from my mom in law’s garden, the recipe from The Joy the Baker Cookbook.

Very similar to traditional zucchini bread, but with a richer taste and a denser texture. Joy suggests using her Brown Sugar Cream Cheese frosting to top the cake, but I opted with a simple dusting of powdered sugar. It didn’t last long at our house. Dessert in the evening, breakfast in the morning.

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Spiced Peach-Carrot Bread

5 Sep

The wedding whirlwind is officially OVER!!!  Besides my wedding recently having come and gone, I was in three other weddings all within 10 months!!  It was a lot work and worrying, but my brother, cousin and friend are all good and married now.  I finally feel like things are starting to get back to normal at home and my energy level is coming back.  I’ve been taking care of business with my still very busy work days, as well as finishing up my “thank yous” to all the family and friends that wished us so many beautiful years and congratulations for our marriage and of course… the regular ol’ housework.  Boo.

Now to the fun stuff that I get to do at home.  I wanted to try this spiced peach-carrot bread from Southern Living.  The evenings are starting to cool down and I’m really looking forward to Autumn and opening up some windows in our house and having the cool breeze flow through.  I guess this will be my pre-welcome to all the goodies that are coming up in the Fall, like ground nutmeg!

So, with coffee in mind and in celebration of the short work week, I made this:

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