Meet the Sisters

(Joanna) Five years ago I never really cooked anything.  I didn’t have to since I lived with my parents and my mom mostly took care of that.  I would do the minimal of heating something up in the microwave or just go to a restaurant or Panera.  When I moved in with my boyfriend (now husband) I had the urge to make something – anything!  I was hungry and a little homesick, unemployed and I missed my mom’s food.  I remember it began with a phone call to her in the afternoon, “mom, how do I make carne con papas??” she started laughing when I asked her that and said my brother asked her for the same recipe when he had moved out the house.  It wasn’t that difficult to make, but I needed some serious comfort food and that hit the spot.  I remember while I was making it, I thought to myself – it smells just like my mom’s!! This is great! Once I got a bit of confidence, I wanted to try to make all kinds of things.  While I’m not at all a pro, I look forward to starting this blog with my sister (in-law) as we both like sharing recipes and pictures of our creations.

(Kanto) My kitchen is usually a mess. That’s not dust but a fine layer of flour on the counter. But the end results are what make the mess worth it! I love to read cookbooks and cooking magazines from cover to cover before I attempt anything in them. I love to try something new, even if it is the only time I try it. Of course, a recipe’s repeat performance depends on whether the kids or the husband approve.

(Us) Both Joanna and I take inspiration from our mothers. Growing up in Mexican and Greek kitchens, we were introduced early to foods our peers may have never heard of. Our mothers are traditional and old country. Now we try to incorporate those traditional dishes with what we enjoy eating and making today.


2 Responses to “Meet the Sisters”

  1. Angela Skarpelis August 19, 2012 at 12:27 am #

    I am so stoked for whatever you decide to post. Being Greexican myself (I always went by Grexican. On the real. Mom’s Mexican, Dad’s Greek), I have a feeling whatever you two come up with is going to be very reminiscent of things I grew up with.

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