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Spiced Peach-Carrot Bread

5 Sep

The wedding whirlwind is officially OVER!!!  Besides my wedding recently having come and gone, I was in three other weddings all within 10 months!!  It was a lot work and worrying, but my brother, cousin and friend are all good and married now.  I finally feel like things are starting to get back to normal at home and my energy level is coming back.  I’ve been taking care of business with my still very busy work days, as well as finishing up my “thank yous” to all the family and friends that wished us so many beautiful years and congratulations for our marriage and of course… the regular ol’ housework.  Boo.

Now to the fun stuff that I get to do at home.  I wanted to try this spiced peach-carrot bread from Southern Living.  The evenings are starting to cool down and I’m really looking forward to Autumn and opening up some windows in our house and having the cool breeze flow through.  I guess this will be my pre-welcome to all the goodies that are coming up in the Fall, like ground nutmeg!

So, with coffee in mind and in celebration of the short work week, I made this:

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